The College of Nursing and Health Sciences prepares diverse healthcare professionals who are collaborative providers and leaders in the delivery of high quality, accessible, culturally-competent and compassionate care.

Academic Advising

The core mission of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences advising offices is to assist students from admission to graduation. In addition, once students matriculate, faculty members are assigned student advisees in order to provide a personal approach to advisement from a healthcare professional. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor regularly (at least once a semester) throughout their educational journey. 

Clubs and Organizations 

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences has a variety of clubs and organizations to facilitate networking with fellow students, enhance professional engagement and build relationships with professors and professional colleagues. 


The College of Nursing and Health Science has several scholarships available for qualified enrolled students annually.  Students may access the scholarship information and apply within the designated departments. At the annual Donor Appreciation Event, scholarship recipients can meet their donors and personally thank them for their generous gift.   

Interprofessional Initiatives

“Interprofessional education is when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes” (WHO, 2010)

In the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, interprofessional education is valued and part of our culture. There are several initiatives each semester that involve all students in the college. It is exciting, educational and transformative. We hope you will join us?



Each program in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences has learning laboratories that are integral to the educational mission.  Learning laboratories provide an environment for students to work closely with faculty and peers while being exposed to best practices and technology that they will see in the clinical arena. 

Important University Links

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